“How do I care for my product?”

Please note! It is important to thoroughly clean and apply a high quality wax before installation. As with any product of this type, dust particles and other contaminants, if not removed, can cause damage to your clear coat. Because build-up can occur after the product it installed, we strongly recommend to remove it periodically for maintenance and cleaning (of both the item and bike). To clean, wash with soap and water, and then towel dry. Automotive material protectant should then be applied. Our products come to you pre-treated with material protectant (we use Armoral, but there are many options). Periodic treatments will increase the longevity of your purchase.

Due to variances in user care, PH Customs is not responsible for any damages arising from or in connection with the installation and/or use of our products. Thank you for your interest in PH Customs!

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